Risk Assessment App

evidence collection, annotation, and report submission for property inspectors representing insurance companies

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take photo

Auditor sees a safety violation and takes photo.

select tool

Auditor can choose to annotate photo by drawing a line, typing a note, or delete the photo and take a new one.

annotate with finger

User chose to annotate photo by drawing, or circling, the safety violation. Here the welder does not have proper eye protection.

once finger lifts from annotation

Upon completion of draw annotation, the keyboard is displayed asking user to annotate what was highlighted with text.

site visit report status

An entire construction site audit can take multiple days with hundreds of photos.

review report

A report is automatically generated with the photos, annotations, and additional detail sections from auditor's site visit. *design information available in person or on phone.

send report

Contacts associated with this account are ready to receive report from auditor's site visit.

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