search, historical data, peer policy groupings make for efficient commercial property pricing and book of business management

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search 00

First screen a user sees.

search 01

Previous searches as a user clicks into the search box.

search 02

Autocomplete search - drawing results from D&B's enterprise API.

company profile

Before FLIER, a user had to log into six separate applications to access this information.

portfolio compare

Compare your portfolio against any other portfolio in AIG.

drone feature

Certain commercial properties were photographed by drones before pricing a policy - this is where an underwriter could find and annotate those photos. This allowed AIG to dramatically reduce its underwriter footprint around the world.

underwriter's book 00

An underwriter can view their book of business, sorted by priority - priority was determined by an algorithm with renewal data heavily weighted.

underwriter's book 01

Underwriter can sort, filter, snooze, or mark tasks as done - all monitored and reported to respective managers.

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