Crux Informatics

dataset shopping experience for quantitative developers

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dataset listings

A data-seller can tag datasets, add descriptions, and promote within Crux.

quality of data

Paying big $ for multi-terabyte datasets means the data better be good. We designed a way for users to judge datasets without the seller giving data away for free.

Crux readiness score

How ready is this data for algorithm testing? Dataset measuring was standardized for easy comparison and quality buying decisions.

data quality

Basic metrics with simple visuals users look for when determining the quality of a dataset.

metadata column metrics

Every cell is rolled-up into metadata metrics giving shoppers an indication of usefulness.

metadata visualizations

This dataset contains geolocation data - we break that data out into geographic visuals, that preserve cell values until this dataset is purchased, so a shopper can confirm the utility of this dataset.

additional detail

Additional metadata metrics are provided in the context of geolocation.

drill down

From the global visualization above, a user clicked on the United States to get here.


An industry standard algorithm testing environment was embedded into the shopping experience so users can quickly test against a sample of the entire dataset.

recommended datasets

Crux is a marketplace - here a recommended section was used to encourage browsing.

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