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started with pen and paper, now we an insurance company

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Get an underwriter in and focused immediately.

account detail

A new policy submitted in the time an underwriter was away - designed to highlight where a policy needs more development.

tasks & notes

Tasks & notes allow multiple underwriters to work the same account. Tasks and notes are both automatically and manually created.

product detail

Underwriter can adjust factors, limits, and premiums to reverse engineer the ideal product within a policy.


This UI gives an underwriter everything they need at the time of quote.


Similar UI to quoting for the folks who haven't worked in insurance.

bind success

A successful bind means an underwriter must unlock the account to change the policy - this underwriter would be notified if anyone on his/her team tries to change items.


Underwriter can upload a policy file many ways to Blackboard's ingestion - this process populates the app. Would need to discuss more in person.

file uploaded

File uploaded successfully - system is ready to ingest document.

successful ingest

Data ingestion errors to the left, success to the right - underwriter can review it all.

underwriter's portfolio

Visualizing an underwriter's portfolio with quick insights was wildly popular amongst users.

another account detail

An account with lower priority based on due date, effective date, and status.

user's work list expanded

In previous UIs this data was minimized to the left - here a user has expanded the view for more detail on his/her account list.

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